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Homeschool Support

I provide online/virtual tutoring to homeschool students with reading disabilities, using the Orton-Gillingham method.


Up to 20% of children experience a reading disability such as dyslexia.

  • Disabilities can be difficult to identify without formal training and experience, particularly when the affected children are still young.

  • Today, the path to identifying, assessing, diagnosing, and applying effective solutions for reading disabilities is primarily within public school environments.

  • This can present a challenge to parents who choose to homeschool when they have a child with a suspected or diagnosed reading disability such as dyslexia.

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The Solution:

  • This need not be a challenge without a solution! I am available to help homeschool parents assess their child’s reading challenges--then deliver evidence-based solutions that are customized specifically for the unique needs of their child.

  • Working together, homeschool parents and Win at Reading can make sure each child with a reading disability has what he or she needs to make sustained progress in reading and build their self-esteem and self-confidence!

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What Parents Can Look Forward To:

  • Your child’s growth in reading ability will contribute to his or her overall learning ability across a variety of subjects, both inside and outside of school assignments.

  • Your child’s growth in reading ability will lead to greater self-esteem and confidence and decreased anxiety, resulting in healthier emotional and social development.

  • You will feel empowered as a homeschool parent and can continue to provide what is needed for your child(ren)’s education and development at home, with the right assistance.

  • You will be able to dedicate more energy to meeting the needs of your whole family as the challenge-related anxiety and frustration experienced by both you and your child becomes less.

  • You will be able to report progress in reading to your state (if required) with the supportive information I can provide.

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