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What parents say...

"I have seen SUCH a difference with our daughter's outlook and work . These differences may seem small but I assure you they are HUGE steps for her! I’m so very thankful to you and excited about where she is headed with your help and guidance. She looks forward to the sessions and happily says: Yeah! Mrs. Mirus today!"

Michelle M.

Raising a Hand

What school leaders say...

"Kathleen is an experienced elementary teacher with a strong understanding of what is best for children, especially those who are most vulnerable. It is a pleasure to work with Kathleen because of her leadership and keen interpersonal skills."

Joanie H.

"Kathleen is a huge asset to students reading below grade level. She is a lifelong learner and stays up-to-date with the research in her field."

Amy R.

"Kathleen is a great teacher who designs quality lessons, tailored to her individual students' needs. Her communication with students and their families is one of her greatest strengths. She has been responsible for major growth in many of our students who were struggling with learning to read."

Joanie H.

"Kathleen is a fantastic teacher. She thinks outside the box and is excellent at providing services to special education students and to general education students reading below grade level."

Mary Sue W.

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